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The Significance of Edge Computing To IoT

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The Significance of Edge Computing To IoT – Edge computing refers to information being processed at the edge of the network, rather than being sent to a central cloud server. The benefits of edge computing include reduced latency, reduced costs, increased security and increased business efficiency.

Why Does Edge Computing Decrease Latency?

Transferring data from the edge of a network takes time, particularly if the data is being collected in a remote location. While the transfer may usually take less than a second, glitches in the network or an unreliable connection may increase the time required. For some IoT applications, for example, self-driving cars, even a second may be too long.

Why Does Edge Computing Increase Business Efficiency?

Processing data at the edge of the network can reduce the amount of data that’s sent to a cloud server. By storing only the most relevant information on the cloud, it will be easier to locate the information your business needs and to perform analysis on this data.


For example, if a temperature sensor shows a reading of 5 degrees every second, then this information does not need to be sent to the cloud. It only becomes important to transmit this information if the temperature increases outside a preset range.

So, which IoT applications will benefit most from lower latency and costs and increased security and efficiency?

Healthcare, manufacturing and energy are all sectors that can benefit hugely from decreased latency and increased security.

Healthcare is a growing IoT sector. According to a report from research and consulting firm Grand View Research the global healthcare sector will invest nearly $410 billion in IoT devices, software and services in 2022, up from $58.9 billion in 2014.

For IoT devices that process such sensitive information, security and data privacy are paramount. By sending as little information as possible to a central cloud server, patients will retain greater control of their personal data and be less exposed to data breaches.

IoT healthcare devices also require as near to instantaneous as possible decision making. If a person’s blood glucose or heart rate monitor registers dangerous readings then that Information must be acted on immediately.

By utilizing edge computing, these IoT healthcare applications become less dependent on network connectivity. Patients can feel reassured that, if anything is awry, their IoT healthcare application will notify them as soon as possible, no matter where they are or how strong their internet connection is.

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