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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Seamless 5G Connectivity Between Volvo Autonomous Cars

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Ericsson and Volvo Cars have carried a successful test handover of connected cars between two mobile 5G networks in different countries at the AstaZero test track in Sweden, proving that seamless continuity on 5G networks when driving across borders is possible.

The AstaZero test track, funded by the European Union, is a major initiative that is preparing for large-scale connected car trials along a 5G corridor between Metz in France, Merzig in Germany and Luxembourg.

At the track, Ericsson deployed a 5G mobile radio network while two Volvo cars received an HD map of the route ahead.

5G connectivity also ensured that the maps were constantly updated with the latest real-time information to aid future autonomous driving operations.

For its part, Volvo Cars provided an HD map application that captured information about the boundaries of straight and turning lanes, providing critical information to the cars.

Further, to guarantee that drivers of connected vehicles are getting the most updated map information possible, the cars also send real-time updates to a mobile edge cloud, the partners said, letting cars driving behind them obtain relevant updates from the cloud, a functionality powered by the Cooperative, Connected, and Automated Mobility (CCAM) ecosystem.

“Sharing an updated map with other cars is a latency-sensitive task and requires high network performance within and across multiple networks,” said Mikael Prytz, research director of Ericsson Area Networks.

“During the test at the AstaZero track, we could tackle this challenge with promising results. We are excited to continue our cooperation with Volvo Cars to expand the network mobility of autonomous and connected cars.”

Ericsson and Volvo have been working together since 2012 when the car manufacturer first selected the vendor’s Connected Vehicle Cloud, allowing drivers and passengers will be able to access applications for information, navigation and entertainment from a screen in the car.

The pair also partnered with Telia in 2019 to establish what they called the Sweden’s first 5G network for industrial use at at Volvo CE’s research facility.

The 5G network is comprised of Ericsson commercial hardware and software, including 5G New Radio and core products from Ericsson’s 5G platform, at Volvo CE’s research and development facility in Eskilstuna, a municipality approximately 56 miles west of Stockholm.

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