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Network Slicing Explained By Ericsson Technology

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Network Slicing Explained By Ericsson Technology: With network slicing, it’s possible for service providers to look beyond the consumer market and begin offering (and managing) private 5G networks for new enterprise customers.

For those who want to, this presents a huge opportunity to shake up old business models and explore innovative new use cases.

These opportunities and the role of network slicing are widely recognized in the industry.

Yet, the topic of network slicing is shrouded in mystery as well as over-simplifications and over-beliefs.

To realize the potential, the industry must overcome this, and come to terms with the realities of network slicing in a pragmatic manner.

In a new Ericsson Technology Review article, we walk through the drivers and essential enablers of network slicing – and apply these to some typical network slicing scenarios.

The objective is to provide the reader with some tools for understanding a fairly complex topic, as well as guidelines and tips of how to approach the deployment of network slicing in a step-by-step manner.

The ultimate goal and drivers for network slicing is the ability to offer targeted and optimized services for customers of communication service providers, such as enterprises, and to be able to do this in an efficient manner, considering both cost and time to deliver the services.

The actual services can come in different forms, ranging from stand-alone, through hybrids to fully virtualized private 5G network services.

Network slicing is not some uniform or magic technology to achieve this, but rather a toolbox of enablers that needs to be used at the right time and for the right purpose.

The enablers all contributing to network slicing are many and multi-faceted, including RAN, transport, core, OSS and BSS.

The article highlights a few key points of each domain and how they contribute to the bigger picture.

The article further provides a set of scenarios of how the network slicing enablers can be used to realize different types of customer offerings, while also highlighting the fundamental differences that exists between the scenarios, i.e. network slicing is not applied in a universal manner.

The scenarios range from wide area use cases with a high level of mobility to local or on-premise uses cases with relatively stationary services.

Real life deployments will be a combination/hybrid of these.

The essential takeaway of the article is that network slicing is a craft, and to master it one needs to understand the tools (enablers) and how they actually apply to the problem at hand (e.g. the business scenario/use case to be realized).

Mastery comes from knowledge of the toolbox and from experience built by gradually applying it to enable new business opportunities.

Network slicing is not a one-for-all technology. read full article here

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