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Netgem TV Streaming Platform

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Netgem TV Streaming Platform – British broadband is on the cusp of a speed and stability revolution, and customers will soon be offered more choice than ever before.

The only issue is, with everybody having the potential of similar broadband speeds and services delivered straight to their doorstep, the choice of which provider to opt for could become harder. It could very well come down to more than just internet capabilities.

Internet service providers are committed to expanding the UK’s full fibre network greatly, delivering fibre optic cabling directly to doors in order to offer speeds of up to 1Gbps to households up and down the country by 2025.

And that will bring a new era of connectivity to all – enhancing the possibilities of smart home devices, communications and, perhaps most excitingly, entertainment. Soon enough UK households will forget what a buffering movie feels like – even 4K videos can now be streamed smoothly with no interruptions bringing home entertainment to new heights.

That’s why forward-thinking ISPs are already looking beyond their traditional broadband packages. They are adding value to their services, with affordable bundles that also contain exciting entertainment options. And, that’s where netgem.tv comes in.

King of convergence

As an all-in-one TV and streaming platform, with its own 4K HDR set-top-box, netgem.tv is being chosen by numerous internet service providers around the UK to form part of attractive, affordable bundles of broadband and TV.

netgem.tv is an affordable and simple-to-use platform giving you access to a vast library of content. It offers recommended shows and films from the UK’s digital TV channels, Amazon Prime Video, Rakuten TV, YouTube, and now includes at no extra charge the Premier Sports channels (worth £11.99 per month on their own) and over 20,000 hours of free on-demand across 15 catch-up services, so is a compelling addition to any broadband package.

Not only is it a very capable rival to conventional paid TV services, especially with its class-leading recommendation engine helping users find shows and films across terrestrial channels and streaming platforms through one, easy-to-use interface, it can bring down household bills dramatically. ISPs can and are offering netgem.tv as part of reasonably priced plans.

It is already available through WightFibre, Pure Telecom, Pure Broadband, Air Broadband, Pure Fibre, Voneus, Lila Connect, JT and VX Fiber. Each of which can provide your broadband internet connection and netgem.tv for one monthly fee.

Pure Broadband, for example, costs as little as £32.50 per month for unlimited fibre broadband, plus netgem.tv in up to 4K HDR through the latest set-top-box.

Several providers add Amazon Prime membership to their monthly plans too, so provide Prime Video access and all the other benefits of Prime without you having to subscribe separately. Unless, of course, you are one of the 15 million UK households who are already subscribed to Amazon Prime.

That, on top of the existing suite of Freeview and extra HD channels, plus the exclusive Premier Sports makes for exceptional value.

Making life simple

ISPs need to differentiate their services from others, even more so when next-gen full fibre connections become more widely available, so adopting netgem.tv as part of their setup not only makes sense for them, but their customers too.

Home owners don’t want multiple bills coming from different providers, they want simplicity and one-monthly payment to make. So any service that can provide so many useful services in one neat package – and at great value, to boot – will have a foothold come the superspeed revolution for sure.

In all likelihood, most of us will have access to gigabit broadband in the coming years, but where we get it from will come down to more than just the fantastic speeds on offer.

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