Monaco Telecom IPTV Multiscreen Platform

Monaco Telecom IPTV Multiscreen Platform

Monaco Telecom IPTV Multiscreen Platform – Monaco Telecom has rolled out a multiscreen IPTV platform with Zattoo and Apple.

After Salt (Switzerland) and Eir (Ireland), Monaco Telecom is Zattoo’s third B2B partner to use the Apple TV box as the standard reception device for its customers.

Existing cable TV customers will get access to mobile applications (iOS/Android) they can use across Europe. Future customers benefit from the newly built fibre-optic network with Apple TV as the core component.

Zattoo operates the complete service as an end-to-end solution and also handles the operation of the entire TV platform, the management of the TV application on Apple TV as well as the ongoing development of the platform and all front-end applications.


The Apple TV box works like a set-top box with operator login, enabling the automatic installation of the TV application. This also applies to iOS devices.

In addition to more than 200 TV channels – 150 of them in HD quality -, the TV service includes interactive features such as instant restart, time-shift, catch-up TV and nPVR, available for the first time in Monaco, according to Zattoo.

A French-language bouquet with 35 TV channels is also part of the offer. Pay-TV packages are available as part of a cooperation with Canal+.