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The Cable

Cable Damage When Excavating

Although damage to telecommunications cables may be very expensive, generally there is no direct risk of personal injury. However, damage...
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5G Networks

Telecom Infra Project Tests 5G Indoors

Telecom Infra Project Tests 5G Indoors At 28GHz and 60GHz: The Telecom Infra Project performed testing last year specifically looking at penetration losses in...

Industry News

OSP Supplies

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Cisco Systems

Internet of Things

Kaspersky Detected Massive IoT Attacks

After deploying more than 50 honeypots worldwide, Kaspersky detected massive IoT attacks (105 million) on devices from 276,000 unique IP addresses, within only the first six months of 2019. The number of attacks in 2019 is nine times greater...

Featured Vendors

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Data Centers


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